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Updated: 2005-12-29

Welcome to the web site of Space Bug!

The Legend of Space Bug is an arcade game for Macintosh. Five years after the last release for Mac OS classic, the remake for Mac OS X is now ready! Version 1.0 is released - see the download page.

Your mission is to save the Earth from threats coming from the outer space - and of course strive for as high score as possible!

Space Bug is distributed as freeware.

More information:

About/Features | Requirements (updated 2005-12-11) | Download version 1.0 (2.2 MB)

See also: Space Bug for Mac OS classic!

NOTICE! Problems unzipping the file

There have been reports that the .zip file does not open correctly with StuffIt Expander for example.

I think this problem occures when downloading the file with other than Internet Explorer and/or unzipping it with StuffIt Expander.

I created the .zip archive with the built-in feature in Mac OS X Finder, and obviously the file only opens correctly when unzipping it in Finder.

Hopefully, I can fix this problem somehow, but for now I have no idea how to do it. I am very sorry for this problem.